Ninja Commando Set V2
Ninja Commando Set V2
Ninja Commando Set V2
Ninja Commando Set V2

    Ninja Commando Set V2


      Accessories are made from original 3D models. Soft goods hand made.

      Estimated Ship Date

      Pre-order - ships November.


      1 x Head sculpt

      1 x Ninja Commando Shirt

      1 x Ninja Commando Pants

      1 x Grenade Bandolier

      1 x Ninja Commando Sword

      1 x Uzi

      1 x Desert Eagle Pistol

      1 x Combat Knife

      1 x Belt w/ Sheath

      1 x Holster

      1 x Arrow Projectile Pouch for upper right arm

      1 x Pouch for upper left arm

      1 x Arrow Projectile for right wrist

      1 x Forearm Armor for left wrist

      1 x Leg Pouch for left leg

      Supports Mezco Flare Effect

      All accessories designed to fit Mezco ONE:12 Blade.

      Not associated with Hasbro or an official licensed product 

      Custom Figure Option

      If you purchase the custom figure, we provide the Mezco ONE:12 Blade and build and assemble the figure for you. We'll paint the hands, sword sheath and sword grip flat black. We also hand sew some accessories in place so they don't move around on you when posing the figure.



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